Snail Bob 5

Bob needs a new home. Use various tools to bring cute snail to its destination and to escort him through the journey of levels. The game is played with the mouse. When you click on Bob, he stops. If you click again, he crawls on. If you want to know any further, check the bottom of the tab on solution! Snail Bob is going to have the fifth very interesting and addictive adventure with you!

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Snail Bob 5

The Snail Bob 5 has a long history with previous many versions. As you can get from the number of the version this is the fifth one and you can play also the old but gold versions. In this chapter, Snail Bob is going to Egypt where he will have many adventures and traps. So, you should be very careful to the nature and the enemies!


For controls of the game, you have several options. Of course, mouse buttons are the main buttons to play. You can work with this buttons hard and go forward or backward depending what you need. You can also use keyboard for movement, but you need to adjust the speed, how fast and which way do you want to move. There is option to use Spacebar also for hiding or showing.


Be aware that there are more than 19 different and adaptable languages. So, you have big opportunity to play the game for free on your own language. In the game, there are more than 70 levels, so, it will be huge fun for Snail Bob game lovers. What do people think on this version? They love it! Because of new high quality graphics and movement the game is really cool and awesome. There also is very nice background music, but if you don't like it, just mute from sound icon and thats all. If you are first time player of this game, please aware that it is single player game and two players can't play it.

new vehicles

Snail Bob fell in love with pop star and immediately rushed to the meeting. However, his path is full of obstacles and different mechanisms. Help him to get to the exit level and when he finishes, you can get one, two or three stars.

All the levels can be done by stars mechanism. So, you can get one, two or three stars and it depends on your performance in the concrete level. So, hurry up, you need to collect as much stars as you can.

The game is really free

The game is totally free. You can find it for free via many search engines and other sources on our website. Also we provide it for free many other version of the game.


If you have problems with some levels, you can see how people completed it via youtube or other video portals, where people uploaded their successful plays. So, those videos will definitely help you.