Snail Bob 3

Welcome to the snail world! if you tired of shooting and racing in rush, then your brain definitely needs to explore this game. Snail Bob 3 is a recently released version of its snail bob game series and has a whole new world of adventures and puzzles. In the previous games, already was a lot of fun and exciting stories, which conquer all gamers heart and was so famous all over the world. Reason of that was simply, this game series has unique plots and scenario, also awesome gameplay, which gives you extraordinary choices to drive your snail as you wish and burn him, if you want to.

This game is most advanced on modern style puzzles style and you need some logical and also speed skills to win fight against hot animals and meanwhile resolve a so funny misteries. The other case, Snail bob 3 is a perfect way to relax and while you are getting pleasure and entertainment, also get your cleverness a examination on so many different ways. This is progressive and innovative game on its genre and if you think that you are smart, you have to defeat this game, because it's so sophisticated, what you get while beating giant cats in hot desert in Egypt.

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Snail bob 4

Snail bob's planet was danger and he was helping his army's general to defend it and they did it in the previous game. So, his planet is safe, life starts again and snail bob has a new job. He is a new worker of the Snail planet museum and his boss is older snail, who shows him a magic circle and that circle somehow get bob in the mystery places in Egypt.Plot of this game is interesting as always, you have to solve old Egypt mystery and get back Snail bob in his home safety. In case of that, you need to defend yourself for Giant cats and deadly lasers. Also, in this version, you have a ally, which helps you to find a ways in the hot desert. You can create your own clones, who push buttons instead of you and make a road for you, so your new mission is to play with them correctly. Also, there is a new missions and maps, which gives you a perfect way to think hard and make a decision, which leads you to win and back home.

The controls in this game are simple like previous ones, you have to click the mouse to make an action and that’s it.

Snail bob 3

Snail Bob 3 is a newest best product of thinking games and has a whole new engine of gameplay. Unlike the previous snail bob series, in this game you have more hard and cool items to use and control your snail road. You have to jump on the trampolines and fly over the other edges, also you have to manage a perfect time to turn on and off a fire lasers. But, most importantly, you have to fight against new animals and species in this game.

There are evil spiders, who can squish you with big stones, so you need to cut their ropes and also, when you have to push buttons and go in the same time, that moment you can make a your own clones, who kill themselves or jump in some holes for you, so you can go over them and get in finish line.There are so many new features and motions, like an big green frogs, who can catch you with with their tongues and get snail to the other side of the map.

Graphics in Snail bob 3 are advanced to a whole new level and that new modifications make that game a perfect way for you to relax and kill time with pleasure. this game amazing colors and effects has a awesome ability to make you addicted and gives you joy. Every little thing is so realistic and animals are so pragmatic. So, enjoy with this dangerous and extraordinary world.