Snail Bob 4

Do you like puzzles or nature? don't you adore the galaxy's beauty? yes or not, this game is for every age person and gender. Why? because the snail world is full of fun and there you can also learn casual physics with a entertaining way. Snail bob 4 will guide you in the snail world and amazing adventures, like flying a space and search new life in the unknown galaxy's sides, where you can discover whole new planets and meet unexplored aliens, who doesn't expect you and may will fight you, but your jobs have to be done. This is a whole new level of this genre of games, with new journeys and the storyline, which is wholly different in comparing to previous Snail bob games. The reason of this is awesome. Game developers make a entire advanced world, with new dark sides of the galaxy and cool design, also they create new puzzles with accurate physic details and if you don't know casual physic rules, this game will teach you while give you the greatest time of enjoyment.

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Snail bob 4

Main point of the game

This is a modern genre of games, where you have to watch closely every detail and find a covered way to go next round with extra points and win. Also, Snail bob 4 is a new release of this amazing series with new secret stars and so many fun toys, like lasers and fire throwers. Snail bob is a main character and just resting at the house, but his own planet's army general call him and invite to get back. So, first you need to get snail bob in the space center and then after his ship get destroyed, you need to help him find a new way to go back home. In case of that, you need to face an alien warrior and most importantly, a gravitation. For that, you have different missions, like discovering a way to cross a deadly barrier and find a way to get all stars or change a place with other snails and get him with you in the safe finish door.

The main story in the Snail bob 4 is simple as previous versions and also there is a new interesting and little bit hard plot twist, with the new alien enemy and you need to fight them for your planet's peace. The fight doesn't mean shooting or crushing heads in this game, you need to defeat them with your brain's logical skills and your smartness.

Snail bob 4

Graphics and Gameplay

When someone is creates such an awesome types game, like Snail bob, it's needed to be done with most excellently imagination and authentic knowledge of physics to use it. Snail Bob 4 developers managed this with excellent and outstanding work and generate exceptional game with marvelous graphics. They made a whole advanced color textures and beautiful maps with superlative things and add a more than 60 new totally fresh locations. The music in this game is so intense and gives you motivation to play with joy and fun, also make your relaxing mood while playing and it's ideally suited to the situation.

Gameplay in Snail bob 4 is made by consulting with physic engineers and therefore is a perfectly high-updated to be simpler and effortless. But, even control of the character and map things, Every round need to be played differently and you have to be careful and patient to what you are clicking to and when, because otherwise you will lose your life.

Controls are easy. You just have to be clicked with the mouse on the point to activate them and then click again to deactivate, but that action has to be calculated and be made at the right times to get the desired result. For example, when you have to get one edge to another without touch the surface, you need to turn on and off the gravitational field in the right time. Also, sometimes you need to click tree's leaves to find a hidden star.